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Notice of Annual General Meeting - 2019-2020

Dear Member,                                                      12th October 2020.

This is to advise you of, and invite you to attend, the upcoming Annual General Meeting of the Members of North Balwyn Community Men’s Shed Incorporated.

NOTE: In the event that we remain subject the viral “lock-down”, the meeting will be held using the Zoom format, and the link to the meeting will be emailed to all members one week prior to the meeting.

QUORUM: A quorum will be present if attended, in person or electronically, by 10% of members entitled to attend.

Details of this meeting are as follows:-

DATE:    Monday, 9th November 2020

TIME:    11.30 am

PLACE:    Via Zoom or North Balwyn Bowling Club – 60 Buchanan Avenue, North Balwyn.

IF YOU HAVE ADVISED THE SECRETARY OF YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS, you will be emailed the following documents:-
Agenda for this meeting.
Minutes of the last Annual General Meeting held on 14th October 2019
President’s Report for the 2019-2020 year.
Financial Reports for the 2019-2020 year.
Review of Financials for 2019-2020
AT THE MEETING, members will be asked to vote to:_
Accept the minutes of the last Annual General Meeting.
Receive and accept the President’s Annual Report.
Receive and accept the Annual Financial Statements.
Set the membership fees and insurance levy for the 2020-2021 year
Elect Directors (up to 10 of).
Consider any other business of which due notice has been received the Secretary by 2nd November 2020.

NOTE: Nominations for candidates for election of Directors and Office Bearers to the Committee must be in the hands of the Secretary no later than 2nd November 2020.

David K Cheney – Secretary

News Bulletin No 56

26th August 2020.

Dear Members.

1. An apology from the Secretary. Our gmail mail box has been temporarily closed due to his overdoing the flow of ‘joke’ emails. He was not aware that there was a limit of 500 outgoing emails per day. As each of his emails goes to 78 members, it doesn’t take too many “funnies” to block the system. So, if you are receiving this one, you will know that all is well again, but the number of mailings will need to be curtailed! Sorry!

2. The following is the timetable covering the 2019-2020 Annual General Meeting:-

  • Notice of AGM to be sent out              Monday 12th October 2020.

  • Call for board nominations                 Monday 26th October 2020.

  • Call for general business notices        Monday 26th October 2020.

  • Zoom Meeting invitation                    Monday 2nd November 2020.

  • AGM date                                        Monday 9th November 2020 at 11.00 am

3. If the Shed is allowed to be open, the meeting will be held at  the Bowls Club at 11.30 am, to be followed by a BBQ in rear of Shed at 12.00 pm. Otherwise, the AGM will be held via ZOOM.

4. We will be recommending that the 2021-2022  membership fees, including the insurance levy be set at $25.00, subject to confirmation at the AGM and conditional upon any increase in the fee charged for the insurance premium be not significantly more than the present fee.

5. Further, the membership year to be changed to 1st July – 30th June, rather than 1st March – 28th February as at present..

6. In order for members to stay in touch with the Shed, your board members are planning to make “courtesy phone calls ” to our members. You should start receiving the occasional call shortly.

Best wishes and stay safe.

Tony Hart.

News Bulletin No 55

7 July 2020.

Dear Members.
More Bad News!

The bad news is as follows:-


Following today’s announcement by our premier, and the imposition of a six week lockdown throughout Melbourne, effective tomorrow, 8th July 2020, we have no option but to keep the Shed closed until further notice.

We will send out further news bulletins as and when government restrictions change.

Sadly, there is nothing your board can do about this sorry situation, but it is my intention to continue with the weekly zoom meetings and would encourage all members to use these zoom meetings to keep in touch with their fellow members. Notice of the meeting s will be sent our each week.

Best wishes and stay safe.

Tony Hart.

News Bulletin No 54.

2nd July 2020.


Dear Members.

Bad News!


The bad news is as follows:-




In view of the spreading of the virus in Melbourne, and the volatile situation where things change on a daily basis, your Board has decided to continue to remain closed for the time being,


The situation will be reviewed each Thursday on a weekly basis.


The last thing we want is to open one day and have to close the next!




In the meantime, we are developing an on-line booking programme under which members will be able to register their sessional bookings.


This will be necessary to avoid members being turned away due to excessive numbers turning up.


Finally, your board members have prepared the shed to meet with the mandatory conditions for when we are able to resume “normal” sessions. Further information Bulletins will issue prior to the re-opening.


Tony Hart.


News Bulletin No 53.
18th June 2020.

Reopening the Shed

Dear Members.

Good News and Bad News!

The good news first!

We have received the council’s approval to reopen the Shed, and, at this morning’s board meeting, your directors decided that your Shed will reopen on Monday. 6th July 2020.

The bad news is as follows:-

We are limited to having no more than 15 members present at any one time – that is 10 in the workshop and 5 in the kitchen and outside area.

Further, the entire workshop and bathroom have to be cleaned and sanitised at the end of each day and the kitchen, office and outside areas have to be cleaned prior to opening each morning.

These conditions will make a number of items necessary:-

We will have to make up rosters from members for both areas to be cleaned, with one or two members to clean the workshop and bathroom at the end of each session, and a further one or two members to clean the kitchen, office and outside areas each morning prior to opening. We do not expect this work to be overly time consuming or difficult.

With the strict limiting of numbers, it will be necessary for members to make emailed bookings for each session they wish to attend. Failure to book may necessitate those without bookings to be turned away.

Upon arrival at the Shed, all members will be required to:

1. sign in, and record their contact number,
2. sign a declaration that they do not have any viral symptoms (or have been in contact with anybody who has been), and
3. have their temperature taken and recorded and
4. Sanitise their hands.

This will be handled before entry to the shed is permitted.

We will have sanitisers and wipes placed at several points around the premises, together with rubber gloves and face masks. Members will be encouraged to make use of these items in their own interests and those of their fellow members.

After using a tool or piece of machinery, members will be required to clean/wipe down that item so that it is safe for the next member to use.

Tea and coffee, together with disposable cups will be set up on the table immediately outside the front door to assist in complying with the 4 square meter, 1 ½ meter social distancing requirements.

We have been advised that both council and state health authorities will be monitoring Men’s Sheds to ensure compliance.

So…. We need members to email the secretary with:-

the dates you can assist with cleaning duties and;

the dates you wish to attend the Shed, (initially until the end of July) so that the limited number of attendees can be maintained without having to turn unexpected members away. We will do our best to accommodate members wishes but may not be able to always do so. A booking system will be developed and advised to members in due course.

Finally, over the next two weeks, your board members will be preparing the shed to meet with the mandatory conditions so that “normal” sessions may be resumed. Further information Bulletins will issue prior to opening once all logistics and requirements are finalised.

Our primary consideration is and will continue to be the health and wellbeing of our members, particularly as we are in the high risk age group for Coronavirus and accordingly wish to act with caution.

We look forward to seeing you back at the Shed.

Many thanks for your cooperation, and our best wishes,

Tony Hart.

News Bulletin No 52

29 May 2020

Survey - Reopening the Shed

Dear Members

All members will be aware that the Government has started to relax restrictions on meetings and movement outside of the home. The Shed Board has met to consider when, and under what conditions, the Shed can be reopened. Our primary consideration is the health and wellbeing of our members, particularly as we are in the high risk age group for covid-19, and accordingly we are erring on the side of caution. We consider it would be prudent to delay reopening until at least June 22nd, by which time we will know whether the current easing of restrictions has resulted in any upsurge of infections.

Could members please advise the Secretary of the following;

a/ Will you return to the Shed if we reopen in the week commencing 22nd June?

     If not, when do you think you would be comfortable to return?

b/ What are your preferred day(s) of attendance?

c/ Do you think that we should reopen prior to 22nd June?

d/ Any additional comments you may have



Conditions of Shed Attendance once we reopen:

1. Members who attend the Shed do so at their own risk

2. No more than 15 persons are to be in attendance at the Shed at any one time

3. Members are NOT to attend the Shed if they ..............

have any kind of cold or flu-like symptoms, such as coughing, sneezing, runny nose, etc.....

have other members of their household with any kind of cold or flu-like symptoms

have had recent contact with anyone they know has recently returned from overseas

have had recent contact with anyone they know or suspect of having covid-19

have any reason to suspect that they might risk transmitting covid-19 to others

4. Members attending the shed are to avoid handshaking and close personal contact

5. A minimum of 1 ½ metres separation is to be observed at all times, and 4 square metres area around each member

6. Members are to observe hygienic precautions, such as hand washing with soaps and hand sanitizing, especially before and after handling foods or drinks, and after using the toilet

7. Morning teas are to be held outside of the Shed. The Shed will provide paper cups for tea and coffee. Food handling  measures will be introduced.

8. Members are to make use of the surface sprays available in the kitchen and bathroom.

9. Face masks are recommended (self-provided).

Bottom line is- IF YOU HAVE ANY CONCERNS, DON’T COME to the Shed !!!!!!

Please  Help us by Responding to the Survey

Bulletin 51

11 May, 2020

Hi to all our members.

Reading the information  put out today by the Victorian  Government, it appears that we still cannot re-open the Shed, even to groups of no more than 10.

That is a pity as initially it seemed that we could reopen with appropriate restrictions in place. If anyone has different information, please share with us.

Group lessons or activities at community centres cannot resume at present and I think we probably fall under that category.

I spoke to the Victorian Men’s Shed Association. They agree that, although Men’s Sheds have not been specifically mentioned, they believe that sheds need to remain closed. They will hopefully issue a bulletin when they get clarity.

So, sadly. I think we need to remain closed until we get greater certainty.

When we hear further, we will call a meeting of the board and will consider how we will reopen and what we need all to do to maintain policies that keep the risks at an absolute minimum, with attendances limited and possibly on a rostered basis. Additional opening hours may also be considered whilst the closure of the bowls club frees up the car park.

In the meantime, we will continue with Zoom meetings for those who are interested.


Tony Hart.


Bulletin 48

27 March 2020

Hi Members,

Hope all of our members are coping with the “social isolating”.

Going for our daily exercising walk around the neighbourhood, it appears that there is a lot more activity in the gardens than usual. Never have I seen the nature strips better maintained.

Apologies for those of you who were not able to open the videos accompanying the previous bulletin. Until I can work it out, I will confine my efforts to the written word..

A few contributions from your fellow members include the following:-

Bill Mackey has purchased 3 meters of bubble wrap, and will spend the next few weeks popping them.

Peter Taylor is taking up the violin and the bagpipes chanter. His neighbours are leaving in droves. He has learned how to use the library on line – and now is an expert on the Spanish Civil war.

Mike Johnson is using his experience at the Shed to make his own raised garden, and believe the vegetables may come in handy over the coming months.

Me? My high-lights this week were on Monday when I had my flu injection, and yesterday, I visited the Shed to bring the bins in. my excitement was palpable!

We recommend you visit the below website for the latest regulations:-

Please feel free to email me with what you are doing to fill in your time. I cannot promise that I will not copy it into my next bulletin. All contributions will be welcome.

if you would like to contact your fellow members (and we would encourage you to do so), just email me and I will give you the member’s email address or phone number.

In the meantime please look after yourselves - we want to see everyone back at the Shed when this crisis is over.

All the best.

David Cheney


Bulletin 47

25 March 2020

Keeping in Touch

Hi Members,


As advised in Bulletin No 46, the Shed is now closed until further notice.

As late as today, we have been advised that we would be breaking the law were we to still be operating.


The situation with the virus and how we are expected to conduct ourselves is changing by the hour. However, the latest regulations are available on:-


It is most important that we keep in touch with each during this period of personal quarantining and 1 ½ meter personal exclusion zones.


To that end, if you would like to contact your fellow members (and we would encourage you to do so), just email me and I will give you the member’s email address or phone number.


How are you filling your time? Me? Sending out news bulletins to shed members!


This would be a great time for members to share their personal stories, histories, experiences or how they are getting along at this awful time. Send your contributions to me and I will circulate them to all other members.


In the meantime, I have attached a couple of items for your amusement. They have been selected in the hope that they will not offend members, but I do have a few that are guaranteed to offend – these I will not pass on!


We will reopen as soon as it is deemed safe to do so. In the meantime please look after yourselves - we want to see everyone back at the Shed when this crisis is over.


All the best.


David Cheney


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